Pump bags for your insulin pump

Are you looking for a more pleasant way to wear your insulin pump without it always falling out of your pocket? Than look no further! We have a wide range of pump bags and insulin pump accessories for your insulin pump. In recent years, the medical sector has made a lot of progress when it comes to high-tech equipment for diabetic patients. But the boring grey colour that the equipment has leaves a lot to be desired!

Types of diabetes pump bags

Our range offers different types of pump bags and insulin pump accessories for your insulin pump. Of course, everyone prefers to wear the bag in a different way. We have pump bags for women that have a mounting clip so that your pump can be attached to your bra quickly and easily. There is also a garter pump bag that can be worn around the thigh, under a skirt or dress. Finally, there's the hip bag where you can organise all your diabetes supplies and carry them with you effortlessly. These are also great for kids!

Choose the pump bag that's right for you!

Our pump bags make your life with diabetes a little easier and more enjoyable. But these pump bags aren't just handy, they're also trendy and hip! Both for adults and for kids. Take a look at the options on this page and choose the fun pump bag that's right for you!

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