Cooling bags for your insulin

Do you often worry about the temperature of your insulin when you're on a short trip? And are you looking for a handy way to keep your insulin cool? Then you have come to the right place! We have a wide range of cooling bags for your insulin. Our cooling bags are ideal for storing your insulin or medicines and keep everything cool for up to 45 hours!

Choose the insulin cooling bag that's right for you!

Our diabetes cooling bags make your life with diabetes a little easier and more enjoyable. A cooling bag ensures that your insulin remains at a constant and safe temperature. That way, as a diabetic, you can just carry on with your day, when it's hot. Our insulin cooling cases are available in various sizes and colours.

The nicest Frio cooler bags

Frio's insulin cooler bags are very suitable for keeping an insulin pen at the right temperature on the go. At Diacé we have various Frio cooler bags. Are you looking for an insulin cooling case for one or more insulin pens? Take a look at the options on this page and choose the cooling bag that's right for you!

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