Hi! We are Nick and Stefanie and we are daily in contact with diabetes. Our son Cédric has diabetes type 1 since the age of 4. Diabetes has an effect on our family. Every day is a new challenge to fight against diabetes.

As a parent of a child with diabetes, we come daily in contact with all medical diabetes devices in his life and we try to keep his life with diabetes as comfortable as possible.

In recent years research has made strong technological en medical progress with numerous studies, and this is reflected in the high-tech equipment used today by people with diabetes. But honestly: They all have their funtcion, but they look so boring! The dull gray colors shows no smile on your face.

This started our search for trendy pump pouches, colourful sensor stickers, handy diabetes bags and many more. 
Unfortunately we noticed that there is not a lot available on the Belgium market. That is when we decided to make our on website and bring all these items together. We want to help you in your search for these practical products as easy as possible.

Everyday we are searching for the best products for our customers to make their life with diabetes easier.
From now on you can contact us at one central diabetes webshop: Diacé!

We wish you lots of fun in our webshop.


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