Pimp your sensor or reader!

Do you also think your diabetes sensor or reader is a bit boring? Are you done with a simple black or white reader? Then our fun stickers might be a good solution! Bring some more colour into your life with our range of eye-catching stickers suitable for several sensors and readers.

Types of stickers for your sensor or reader

We have diabetes stickers for many different devices! From the Dexcom sensors to the Freestyle Libre sensor and from the Freestyle Libre Reader to the Medtronic and Omnipod readers. For example, you can choose tasty cookies or calming leaves. There are a lot of fun options for adults and for children! View our full range below.

The stickers have been developed for Freestyle Libre, Dexcom, Omnipod, Tandem Diabetes, Bayer Countour and Medtronic Guardian. Are you looking for more nice diabetes accessories? Then take a look at our website.

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