Belts for your insulin pump

Are you looking for a more comfortable way to carry your insulin pump around with you? Then look no further! We offer a wide range of pump belts, from Milkshake Pink to Black.

Advantages of a belt

Does your insulin pump sometimes fall out of your pocket? Or do you find it uncomfortable to carry your pump in your pocket? Then a pump belt might be something for you. Our diabetes belts are lightweight and made of nylon which makes them so comfortable that you almost forget you are wearing them.

Choose a belt that fits you

From Polka Dots to a skin-coloured band; there is a diabetes belt for everyone. Our range includes belts with different colours, patterns and styles. The belts are also available in 5 different sizes! So you are sure to find one that's comfortable. View our full range below or look further on our website for more diabetes accessories.

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