More certainty when wearing your diabetes sensor 

Are you afraid your sensor will come loose when you're wearing? Or when you accidentally bump into something? That problem is easily solved by making your Pod, Libre, Guardian or Dexcom more secure with one of our nice fixtapes and diabetes adhesive patches. Fixtapes or adhesive patches are suitable for all activities! They are sweat and water resistant and will last around 10 days.

Choose a fixtape that matches your diabetes sensor

We have diabetes adhesive patches for different sensors and in different patterns and colours. So you are sure to find something that's right for you! We have attractive options for both young and old. For example, we have a fixtape with beautiful flowers and also a version with dinosaurs!

The fixtapes or kinesiology tapes have been developed for Freestyle Libre, Dexcom, Omnipod and Medtronic Guardian. Are you looking for more nice diabetes accessories? Then take a look at our website.

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