Sports and diabetes

Exercise is healthy for people. But if you have diabetes, it can be challenging to keep your blood sugar levels up and to avoid a hypo. However, diabetes does not have to be a barrier to exercise. In fact, it is recommended to exercise because it gives you many benefits. It improves your insulin sensitivity, makes you feel fitter and helps you to maintain your weight. We give you a few tips to exercise responsibly with diabetes. Read on for more!  ..>>


What is diabetes?

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in Europe. It is a disease whereby the body can no longer balance blood sugar levels by itself. This is because the body does not have enough of the hormone insulin. The body also no longer responds well to the insulin it does create, or it no longer produces any insulin at all. Insulin controls blood sugar levels. Want to know more about diabetes? Read on for more!  ..>>


The story behind Diacé

Having a child with diabetes, Diacé owners Nick and Stefanie are used to using diabetic medical equipment on a daily basis. While there is a lot of high-tech equipment these days, they quickly noticed that none of it looked very attractive. So they decided to start their own search for diabetes accessories. Interested to hear more about the story behind Diacé? Read on for more!  ..>>


Everything you need to know about glucose sensors

Anyone with diabetes, both type 1 and type 2, can use a glucose sensor. But it’s most useful for any diabetic who has to inject themselves with insulin several times a day and therefore also has to measure their blood sugar levels frequently each day. If you ask these people what they think of having to prick their finger every day, the most common words you’ll hear are ‘painful’, ‘fiddly’ and ‘annoying’. A glucose meter means that none of this is necessary anymore! Read on for more!  ..>>


Storing insulin: what is the best way?

Insulin doesn’t work as effectively if you don’t store it in the right conditions. Are you constantly worrying about the temperature of your insulin? In this post we explain a few key things, including the best way to store your insulin. Read on for more!  ..>>


Four diabetes accessories in this year’s on-trend colour: blue!

It’s been named colour of the year: blue. So it wouldn’t be that surprising if it becomes one of the most important fashion colours of the coming season. Blue is easy to pair with black, white, grey and other shades of blue. So that’s why we’ve selected four handy diabetes accessories in this on-trend colour. Read on for more!  ..>>


All about the insulin pump

When you have diabetes, your body doesn’t make any – or enough – insulin. Worldwide, there are more than 422 million people with diabetes. Of these, 90% have type 2 diabetes, the other 10% have type 1 diabetes. In our previous blog post you can read about the difference between types 1 and 2. In the case of type 1, you have to administer insulin with an insulin pen or an insulin pump. In some cases, this also applies to people with type 2 diabetes. Body cells need glucose as fuel. In this blog post you can read all about the insulin pump and discover whether an insulin pump would work for you. Read on for more!  ..>>


Flying with diabetes: here’s how it’s done

Diabetes is with you all the time, even when you go on vacation to a warm country. Do you ever worry if you have all the necessary medication with you? Nervous about that long flight or afraid that diabetes will take over your vacation? All questions that probably go through your mind before you go on vacation. And that’s very understandable! However, diabetes doesn’t have to be a burden during your vacation, provided you are well prepared for your trip. Read on to find out what you should think about so that you can relax and enjoy your vacation! Read on for more!  ..>>


Four essential products for your Freestyle Libre sensor and reader

Living with diabetes isn’t easy. You’re always having to be careful and plan ahead. It is important for a diabetic to keep their glucose levels stable. Knowledge is power, and to measure their levels, more and more people are using the Freestyle Libre sensor. The sensor is easy to scan with the reader which displays the values. We’ve listed a number of essential products for your Freestyle Libre sensor and reader! Read on for more!  ..>>


What is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes?

Diabetes. Nearly one in ten people have it. Diabetes used to be referred to as “sugar diabetes”. There are two types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2. Sometimes there’s confusion between the two types. In this blog we explain the difference. Read on for more!  ..>>


The five best diabetes bags for kids!

Ready to go? Got everything for your next injection? Glucose meter, insulin, pump? Whenever you leave the house you’re bound to forget something. When it comes to high-tech devices for diabetes patients, the medical sector has made plenty of progress in recent years. It’s just that the boring gray colors aren’t that appealing to children. A fun and handy diabetes bag makes all the difference. We’ve listed the five best diabetes bags for kids! Read on for more!  ..>>

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