Abbott Diabetes Care, founded in 1888, continuously develops new and innovative products to reduce the discomfort and drawbacks of blood glucose testing. Abbott Diabetes Care designs, develops and manufactures several leading glucose monitoring systems and test strips for use in both home and hospital environments. The Freestyle Libre is one of their flagship products.


The FreeStyle Libre (FSL) is a flash glucose monitor system. It consists of a sensor that goed into the upper arm, and you can read the blood sugar value yourself with the accompanying reader or app. The FSL has been on the market for several years. With the FreeStyle Libre glucose meter, you no longer need to prick your finger several times a day to measure your blood sugar.


Manufacturer Abbott announced a new model of the FreeStyle Libre (FSL), a glucose sensor that you wear on your arm. This model, called Freestyle Libre 3, is no longer a flash glucose meter, but a real time continuous glucose meter. The new Libre 3 automatically provides real-time glucose readings, with optional alarm on the smartphone. This has made it a continuous glucose meter (CGM), and no longer a flash glucose meter (FSL). It is smaller and thinner than previous models, about the size of two two -eurocents stacked together. Like its predecessor, the Freestyle Libre 3 continues to work accurately for 14 days.


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