Tandem Tslim x2 stickers

Tandem Diabetes develops medical devices. The t: slim X2 insulin pump is easy to use, whether you are using a pump for the first time or are already experienced. When using a Dexcom (CGM) continuous glucose monitor, the t: slim X2 pump allows you to make treatment decisions without pricking your finger. The T-slim X2 insulin pump is one of the smallest pumps out thereAn insulin pump can be easily carried with a pump bag or pump belt. In addition, we have various Medtronic stickers in our range to pimp your insulin pump.

Pimp your insulin pump with the Tandem Tslim x2 stickers

Do you think your insulin pump looks boring? Then our fun Tandem stickers are a good solution! With our stickers you can enhance your Tandem Tslim x2. The Tandem Diabetes vinyl stickers are top quality and serve as a protective film to prevent scratches. The strong adhesive strength guarantees years of pleasure. Our Tandem stickers make your life with diabetes a little more pleasant. In addition to the standard range of different prints and color stickers, we also have seasonal prints.

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