Menarini, founded more than 100 years ago, is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Europe with several offices around the world. Menarini is the company behind Glucomen, and has been focusing for several years on improving the quality of life in people with diabetes.


Menarini's Glucomen Day CGM is a real-time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System. Thanks to its uniqueness, the sensor wire is placed under the skin without a needle and the glucose sensor can measure for 14 days. The Glucomen Day CGM system consists of a sensor, a rechargeable transmitter and your own telephone as a receiver. The Glucomen Day is the most environmentally friendly CGM system on the market. After 5 years of continuous use, the Glucomen Day CGM System uses only 2 batteries and about 3 kilograms of plastic waste, while comparable CGM systems from other manufacturers use up to 18 kg of plastic.

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