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author Stefanie Van den Broeck

When you have diabetes, your body does not make enough or no insulin. In the Netherlands, there are more than 830,000 people with diabetes. Of these, 90% have type 2 diabetes, the remaining 10% have type 1 diabetes. Read what in the previous blog the difference is between type 1 and 2 . In the case of type 1, you must administer insulin with an insulin pen or an insulin pump. In some cases this also applies to people with type 2 diabetes. Body cells need glucose for fuel. In this blog you can read everything about the insulin pump and find out whether an insulin pump is something for you. Read on soon!


If you use insulin, you can give it in two ways: via an insulin pen or an insulin pump. There are many benefits to an insulin pump, making it a godsend for many people with diabetes. An insulin pump is a small device that is attached to your body with a tube. It continuously delivers small amounts of insulin through the tube and a thin plastic catheter under the skin of your abdomen. Before a meal, you let the pump deliver extra insulin; this is what you call a bolus. In this way, your blood glucose level often remains more stable than injecting with an insulin pen.


In addition to the regular insulin pump, there are two other types of insulin pumps; a wireless and an internal insulin pump. A wireless insulin pump sits directly on your skin. No separate infusion set with tubing is required. It is a waterproof pump, so you no longer have to disconnect it while swimming or showering.
In addition to the wireless insulin pump, you have the internal insulin pump. This one is more suitable for people who do not absorb insulin properly or who are allergic to insulin. This pump is surgically inserted under the skin. Every six weeks the pump has to be topped up with special insulin, for which you have to go to the hospital. Furthermore, the internal insulin pump works the same as a 'normal' insulin pump.


There are many benefits to an insulin pump. We have listed them for you below: 

  • Less hypo’s;
  • More stable blood glucose values (extra useful for example for children or if you are/want to become pregnant);
  • The short-acting insulin makes it easier to respond to more exercise or extra food;
  • You no longer have to spray (children often find spraying annoying);
  • With a pump you have fewer peaks and troughs, so more quality of life.

So many advantages. However, some diabetic patients find it difficult to wear their insulin pump in a comfortable way. It is of course also important that it looks nice. pomp cups are an ideal solution for this. There are for both men and women as children different types of pump bags.


An insulin pump is a solution for many people with type 1 diabetes, also for some people with type 2 diabetes. Whether it is something for you, of course, differs per person. Consult with your practitioner whether an insulin pump is an option for you. In most cases, an insulin pump is reimbursed by your health insurer. Because of the warranty and the high costs, you should have an insulin pump for at least four years.


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