2- min read 26/09/2021
author Nick Van der Hallen

I get it, living with diabetes can be a huge struggle. After living with diabetes for several years, I have learned how to live positively with this disease. Here are my tips for managing your diabetes during the holidays:


It's okay not to feel okay! I recently went on a trip and had the time of my life...minus the constant lows. It got to a point where I just cried, but luckily my partner assured me that everything would be okay. Which of course I knew, but right now I just wanted to be upset. And that's 100% fine, as long as it's not 24/7! So be open to thinking about your feelings.


I'm sure we've all heard from our diabetes counselors, "Making a diabetes management plan will make things much better for you." I totally agree with that. Is it fun? Maybe not, but it's much better to have a plan to avoid the diabetes rollercoaster (which we all hate so much). You can keep it simple so it doesn't get overwhelming. For example, I do the following:

  • I spend one day a month figuring out what diabetes supplies I need for the coming month(s).
  • As for my eating habits, I am always aware of my food choices (without limiting myself too much). I eat intuitively and always make sure to check my blood sugar and bolus first.
  • I train 2-3 times a week to reduce insulin resistance.


It's best to always have a plan when living with diabetes. But those plans don't always go as planned! There will be days when you've done everything right, but you're still either too high or too low. This is normal in the diabetes world, so don't be afraid of it! Just like you have to think about your feelings, you also have to take your less pleasant days with diabetes into account. There's nothing wrong with having them! After living with this disease for years, I've had too many days of bad diabetes to count. But it's about accepting them and being satisfied regardless!

Don't let diabetes stop you from living your best life. Just be a little more confident, do some extra planning, and stay positive! 

Happy New Year! 

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