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author Stefanie Van den Broeck

As the parents of a child with diabetes, Nick and Stefanie, the owners of Diacé, come into contact with medical diabetes devices on a daily basis. Today there is a lot of high-tech equipment, but they soon saw that it was anything but beautiful. This made them look for diabetes accessories themselves. Curious about the whole story behind Diacé? Then read on!


“Until the day we learned that our four-year-old son Cédric had type 1 diabetes, we were not aware of the disease,” said Nick. The news came as a surprise. In December 2017, the family had many parties and birthdays and soon noticed that Cédric was drinking more than usual. As a result, he wet the bed at night. “This was the moment when me and Stefanie felt that something was not right. When it hadn't changed after a few days, we decided to go to the doctor.” The doctor found that the blood values were incorrect and referred them to the emergency room. “At first I thought it was all okay. Until I received a phone call that we had to take an ambulance to the Antwerp University Hospital. We jumped into the car. Then came the realization that something was wrong.”


The moment Cédric was diagnosed with diabetes, the family was forced to completely change their lifestyle. The question of whether they were ready for this was not even an issue. “Everything that was taken for granted suddenly wasn't so obvious anymore. You have to look at everything every day,” said Nick. No day is the same with diabetes. The family is working on it seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

It took some getting used to for Cédric himself, of course. “In terms of food, it had little influence on him. He was not a candy cane and always ate healthy. But suddenly there were all the needles and an insulin pump. This raised a lot of questions for a young child.”


Living with diabetes meant that many new things came their way in a short period of time. In addition to the many questions, this also resulted in frustration. Living with diabetes is always paying attention and thinking ahead and it is certainly no fun. Making it as pleasant and pleasant as possible is therefore important for them. A young and small child naturally plays a lot outside and moves a lot. But how can a child wear an insulin pump in a pleasant way? How can we make the equipment look nicer? With all these questions, they started their search for products that would make life with diabetes a little more pleasant for Cédric. “Nowhere in Belgium did we find a webshop with a complete range of diabetes aids. Then we took the plunge and set up our own webshop for diabetes patients.”


Nick and Stefanie have started making sensorhouders. They also bought some pumps in diabetes in. Slowly they expanded the range. “Actually, everything got going pretty quickly. It was a challenge as a small player to find yourself among all those large webshops. But things have gone very fast since last summer. We notice that there is a lot of demand for the products, that's what makes it so much fun.”, says Nick. Diacé has now built up a wide range and everything is available
in various colors. Where Nick was already satisfied with ten orders per week in the beginning, now ten to fifteen orders come in per day! “We get a lot of nice and positive reactions. And that drives you to continue with what you are doing.” 


“Of course, living with diabetes continues to be a challenge every day, but we find that our products make it a lot more pleasant.” Their son Cédric enjoys using the products. He always has all his diabetes medicines in one place and at hand in his diabetes bag. He always takes these with him to school. In addition, thanks to the pump bag, he can play quietly without his insulin pump falling out of his pocket. “He is super happy with the bags. The sensor holder is also ideal for Cédric during sports.” Fortunately, Cédric is quite stable in its sugars. “He now knows how everything works and what to watch out for. But it remains a big responsibility for a six-year-old.”


Nick and Stefanie would like to say that it is important not to look too far ahead with diabetes. “Try to enjoy every day. Diabetes should not rule life, it should remain a part," says Nick. The webshop is accessible 24 hours a day and has a large stock. Do you have any questions or do you want to know more about our products or services? Then take contact with us. We are happy to help you!

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