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author Stefanie Van den Broeck

Living with diabetes comes with several challenges. You should always be alert and make sure that the amount of glucose in the blood is maintained. You have to take this into account in daily life, but it makes it especially complicated when you, for example, on holiday want to go, go to a concert, or want exercise with diabetes. Fortunately, today there are many resources for people with diabetes. That makes life with diabetes a lot more pleasant!


An insulin pump is a small device that you wear on your body throughout the day. This is also known as a diabetes pump. The device ensures that you receive insulin throughout the day so that your blood sugar level remains at the correct level. The insulin pump offers a good regulation of the insulin and can absorb fluctuations in the blood level better than you can with an insulin pen, for example.


You can inject insulin into the skin using an insulin pen. As the name suggests, this tool resembles a pen in shape and size, but has a needle at the end. You can set and administer the required number of units of insulin here yourself by pricking the needle under the skin. Insulin pens are available in different types. You can opt for refillable insulin pens or disposable insulin pens.


To maintain your blood sugar level, it is important that you keep an eye on your blood glucose levels. You can do this using a lancing device, where you insert a lancet into the lancet holder of the lancing device. You prick your fingertip with this, after which a drop of blood is formed. You hold this blood against a test strip, which you then place in a blood sugar meter. The meter then tells you exactly your glucose value, so you know how much insulin you need to administer.


With the help of the blood glucose meter you can check your blood sugar level. This is very important, because you need to be able to see exactly what your blood glucose levels are. You need a small drop of blood for this, which you can obtain with the above-mentioned lancing device and lancets.


Fortunately, there are diabetes resources available that can help you control and regulate blood sugar levels. What's unfortunate is that these tools are anything but pretty and it can be annoying to take them with you on the road in a practical way.


That is why we started Diacé: the one-stop-store for diabetes accessories. Our accessories are created to make using tools more fun and practical. Think handy pom pom cups, with which you can easily take your insulin pump with you on a trip. Or our diabetes sensorhouders, to strengthen your sensor. Need to brighten up your sensor or reader? Then take a look at our diabetes sensor stickers!


Do you have questions about our aids or diabetes accessories? take it easy contact with us. By our own experience with diabetes we are able to help you properly.

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